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Live Bitcoin charts and prices on DACHEX cryptotracker

Live Bitcoin charts to keep track on your investment 24/7

The most accurate and live Bitcoin charts price can be found on DACHEX cryptotracker. The live Bitcoin charts are 24/7 up to date and all other charts can be changed to see the desired information.
DACHEX cryptotracker charts offer price charts, high/low charts, historical data and the available markets live.


The most important and unique characteristics of Bitcoin are:

- Bitcoin has P2P technology
- Bitcoin has no central authority
- Bitcoin transactions are done within the Bitcoin network
- Bitcoin has open source technology
- Everyone can participate/buy Bitcoin
- Bitcoin is more and more accepted in current payment systems

Bitcoin is the nr 1 cryptocurrency and has more than 50% dominance over all other cryptocurrencies. DACHEX cryptotracker offers live bitcoin charts and also altcoins charts. Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash are among the top currencies with live charts. Price, market cap, trading volume and available supply are all shown in our live charts. Based on these live charts you can easily spot the top currencies and keep track of your investment 24/7.



Live Bitcoin charts from competitors

DACHEX cryptotracker is a platform that gives projects and investors an edge. Compare it to a marketplace where cryptocurrency investors and cryptocurrency projects come together.
All relevant live charts are accessible on DACHEX cryptotracker.

DACHEX cryptotracker is the place to be to keep track of all investments of your digital currency assets live. Bitcoin is the number 1 digital asset and can be traded against other cryptocurrencies on dach.exchange, binance or coinbase for example. Cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin are called altcoins and all of them are available on DACHEX cryptotracker.

In addition to live Bitcoin charts, DACHEX cryptotracker offers different key features like a blockfolio. With blockfolio, you can keep track of your personal investment 24/7 live. Blockfolio can be used as an overview or representation of your total investment where your profit or loss is projected. No need to keep track of all the different exchanges - make life easy with the DACHEX cryptotracker.


Waiting for the right moment to buy your desired cryptocurrency is a key element in maximizing your profit and see your investment grow. That's why DACHEX cryptotracker also offers registered members the benefit of keeping a watchlist. A watchlist contains live charts of your chosen cryptocurrency. That can be used to keep track of the price action so you can determine the perfect moment to get in or out of a specific investment. For all registered members, we have added tradingview. Tradingview is a tool that can be used for technical analysis on live charts. Experienced traders are getting an edge over other investors by using this form of analysis of different live charts. This is an opportunity to get one step ahead and see the direction of your favorite cryptocurrency.



Live Bitcoin charts - learn and use it on DACHEX cryptotracker

With the help of DACHEX cryptotracker, understanding and spotting the different cycles on the live charts of Bitcoin could be a very interesting opportunity for investors. While the cryptocurrency space is a highly volatile market, Bitcoin attends to follow certain patterns. Patterns that could be seen with technical analysis. Traders who are using technical analysis intend to buy the dips and sell the tops. Understanding and getting all the relevant info from live Bitcoin charts give traders an edge over other investors.

It is time to get your skills up with live charts and experience all that DACHEX cryptotracker has to offer.