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Crypto exchange - redefining userfriendliness with DACH.Exchange

Crypto exchange DACH.Exchange - The purpose of a crypto exchange

A Crypto exchange offers different kinds of cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) are a few examples that are traded on a Crypto exchange. The different prices are formed by demand and supply. The higher the demand of a currency the higher the eventual price will be. On the other hand, the lower the demand the lower the price will be. Supply and demand are visible on a crypto exchange.

There are dozens of crypto exchanges available. One crypto exchange has other features than another crypto exchange. There are different features that a crypto exchange can diversify with. Its always the best to compare a crypto exchange
to other crypto exchanges and see if the desired crypto exchange meets your expecation.

A few key items are important when you choose or compare a crypto exchange:

- safety of the choosen
- supply and demand
- coins offered 
- differences in rates
- payment options available
- costs of buying and selling
- transaction fees
- KYC obligations

The DACHCOIN Limited team saw opportunities in strenghtening their current platform. In addidtion to DACHEX cryptotracker they decided to start a crypto exchange to expand the DACHCOIN brand. The crypto exchange has 2 main payment options. DACHX and BTC are the current payment options on the crypto exchange. The crypto exchange has in goal in mind that has been lost by many other crypto exchanges: an easy to use and userfriendly crypto exchange.  



Crypto exchange DACHExchange is building towards an easy to use and userfriendly crypto exchange

A crypto exchange should be easy to understand, easy to use and available for the masses. Especially at this point where the mass public still has to enter the crypto world, userfriendliness should be a key feature on every crypto exchange.
Crypto exchange DACH.Exchange is aiming to deliver that with constant feedback of their community. More and more adjustments are being made to deliver the ultimate crypto exchange for altcoins.

Crypto exchange DACH.Exchange offers a few keyfeatures:

- security, reliability and innovation are highly valuated on crypto exchange DACH.Exchange
- main goal on crypto exchange DACH.Exchange is to define user friendliness
- crypto exchange DACH.Exchange has an easy trade process. Create wallet, make a deposit and place an order.
- Support is being given on social media and on the crypto exchange DACH.Exchange through the ticketing system
- there is an easy coin listing process for adding new coins to crypto exchange DACH.Exchange
- crypto exchange DACH.Exchange offers investors of DACHX a "bank and stakepool"
- all news regarding crypto exchange DACH.Exchange is being displayed



Crypto exchange DACH.Exchange launched as addition to the DACHX ecosystem

DACHCOIN Limited is a holding of the current brand DACHEX cryptotracker and DACH.Exchange. With the release of the crypto exchange DACH.Exchange we have an additional usecase for the DACHX cryptocurrency. The existing ecosystem is a payment option with DACHX currency.

Payments on DACHEX cryptotracker can be done for and with an additional 10% discount:

- ICO/Presale listing
- banner advertising
- social media marketing
- blockchain development service
- masternode coin listing

Payments on crypto exchange DACH.Exchange can be done for:

- standard listing
- fast listing
- voting to get listed

DACHX currency holders will get a great opportunity to be part of an amazing project that DACHCOIN Limited is becoming. If you want to be a part of the DACHCOIN community join our discord, telegram, twitter and instagram to stay updated on our progress and the amazing opportunity that DACHCOIN has become. Signup on DACHEX cryptotracker to get all relevant information about cryptocurrency. Signup on crypto exchange DACH.Exchange to trade your desired altcoins offered on crypto exchange DACH.Exchange.